Mar 10, 2014

Easy Nail work!

Here is a very simple nail art work I did a few weeks back. 
Usually I don't like my nails but I just fell in love with my nails because this has seriously given such a cute look to them :) I don’t have much patience to buy the tools and do a professional work. So this does not need any machinery. 

Take a white nail polish and grab some toothpicks. And start by applying a white base coat on to the nails. Next let it dry for little time, meanwhile get some 5 nail paints of your choice…preferably bright/flashy/glittery dark colors. I have taken fuchsia pink, brisk (sky) blue, hot orange, mellow yellow and dark pastel green. How are the shades?? Just perfect for spring right?? I know :P :)

Take out a drop of each color on any plastic sheet or thick paper sheet or any plate. Dip ur toothpick in a single color first and using toothpick or dotting tool, go ahead and create some dots randomly all over ur nails leaving some spaces for other colors. Each time you change ur color, make sure you clean the toothpick with a tissue paper or nail polish remover. Now begin or proceed the same process with a new different color. That’s it ! and the final look is :)

How is it??

Feb 18, 2014

A DIY Home Decor

Looks like this is my first post in my blog this year. Yay! 
Ok, besides the excitement, I am actually more inquisitive to describe about my small DIY project I have done this month on the eve of Valentine’s day.  
I know I am so damn crazy to celebrate valentines day whether I am single (Ofcourse I do love myself)/committed/married or whatever. When I told this to my mom, she asked me why do I step back if she asks me to celebrate any festivals (I just give reasons to her saying that I am not there in India to do pooja and all..frankly few people do them here too ;) ), anyways I still don’t know why I go bonkers to celebrate this day :D

One big reason is now a days I am getting too lazy to even wake up and eat. So to get rid of this laziness, I have adopted to involve myself in doing something whether it’s big/small/worth or not. Let's give a break to my stuff and ...well...yeah..

Ok..Here goes the project.  The theme is clear—Its valentine’s day. (Means its celebration of pink,red,glitters and ofcourse love :D). I went to Walmart and did a sorta stationery shopping. Bought some construction paper, foam sheets, premade sticky felt hearts, felt sheets, yarn thread, clothing clips, acrylic paints, glue gun, glitters, sharpies, ribbons, and some gift wrappers. The list appears to be big but the project is indeed small.

The first one is Clipboard:
Took some wooden board, cut it in round circle shape, got clothing clips, painted all (board and clips) of them with 2 different green shades, glued the clips in reverse direction and finally added a ribbon to hang it on the wall. You can actually use more creativity to decorate it well..I just decked it with some premade stickers. I have just clipped some old photo cards that were resting in my old photoframe to give a feel of final look..,, I have left some portion to attach some greeting cards.

The Second one:  Heart garlands
I made two different garlands…I tried to match them but somehow it turned little childish. That’s okay..I am happy with it..since this is my first attempt. I am not that bad :D
Ok.. it goes like this...I took some foam sheets and felt sheets…cut them into heart shapes…used the foam sheet as base and glued heart shaped felt sheets on them and decorated again with some premade heart stickers. Finally I gathered all of em and glued to the yarn thread with 3-4 inches spacing. This looks easy but cutting them into heart shape is the biggest challenge. :D The second garland is easy…I took some gift wrapper and cut them into triangle shape, and took some left foam sheets (selected a single color as the gift wrapper is multicolored already), cut them into small heart shaped ones, glued them. In the end, again I used yarn thread to make it as a garland.

The Third one: Handmade Greeting card and booklet
This is a special one to my heart because first time in my life I prepared a greeting card with my own hands J I made this using some red/pink/purple colored construction papers and again decorated with heart stickers. I tried to make a 3D card but it kinda looked funny and I made a booklet just to say 14 things I love abt my hubby as valentine’s day comes on “14”th. Though making the card looks simple, it was a tough task for me to narrow down the list to just 14 things :D. After making this I have hidden it and planned a small treasure hunt and had a bet with my hubby to find the treasure using some clues by 12’O clock. Yep, he loved the game :) Though this is not expensive, the happiness it brought to us damn precious.

 And the final ones with left over material:

I made these things with left over material J  
All the above pics are taken after finishing the work. 
I felt so happy to try something this time in a different way.
On top of it, my home now is more spruced up than before !!

Cheers :)