Mar 10, 2014

Easy Nail work!

Here is a very simple nail art work I did a few weeks back. 
Usually I don't like my nails but I just fell in love with my nails because this has seriously given such a cute look to them :) I don’t have much patience to buy the tools and do a professional work. So this does not need any machinery. 

Take a white nail polish and grab some toothpicks. And start by applying a white base coat on to the nails. Next let it dry for little time, meanwhile get some 5 nail paints of your choice…preferably bright/flashy/glittery dark colors. I have taken fuchsia pink, brisk (sky) blue, hot orange, mellow yellow and dark pastel green. How are the shades?? Just perfect for spring right?? I know :P :)

Take out a drop of each color on any plastic sheet or thick paper sheet or any plate. Dip ur toothpick in a single color first and using toothpick or dotting tool, go ahead and create some dots randomly all over ur nails leaving some spaces for other colors. Each time you change ur color, make sure you clean the toothpick with a tissue paper or nail polish remover. Now begin or proceed the same process with a new different color. That’s it ! and the final look is :)

How is it??


Swathi said...

Hey Maddy... ! Nice one. I cannot dare to put it on myself, so will try it on Janu.. lol!

Maddy said...

Janu is lucky :) but U shud try it once :)